What is Spiritual Healing

As river flows, whirlpool is generated, and oxygen and energy get taken into water. Such rich water nurtures all living beings. In contrast, stagnant water does not purify itself, decays, and never begins process of creation. Same applies to our body and mind. 

One’s mental and physical illness is the consequence of unsmooth flow of Life Energy within oneself. Human body consists of matter and energy so that our body can’t exist without energy to begin with. When these matter and energy are unbalanced as a result of overly consumed energy, disharmony between body and mind (meaning disease or death in the worst case) will surface.    

Not many people are conscious about Life Energy which vitalizes our body because it is invisible. Purpose of the Spiritual Healing is to consciously become connected with Life Energy, absorb it, and get revitalized. As a result, healing happens, leading you to reaching intrinsic infinite power in yourself. Life Energy is omnipresent in the whole universe, loving, powerful, and ultimately you yourself.

Materials we put into our mouths such as food and medicines never get digested and absorbed into our bodies without energy in ourselves, meaning materials alone can never heal and cure our body. In other words, the less energy you have in you, the unhealthier you become. Vice versa, the more energy you have in you, the healthier you become. Therefore, first step to regain healthy and harmonious life is to increase your energy inside yourself. 

I believe real healing is for you to reach deep into yourself by understanding your body, heart, emotion and spirituality. It is my pleasure to assist you in becoming united with the source of the universe nurturing all living beings and boosting your energy through the spiritual healing.


Remote Healing Private Session


Healing works remotely. Regardless of where you are located, you can receive same healing energy as hands-on healing because Life Energy is omnipresent beyond time and space, in other words, there is no distance among us. Also, healing happens even when you are asleep since such bodies as the ether body and astral body work as a receiver. Probably we have not met before, but please rest assured that I can access you even if so. You don’t even need to make any preparations to receive healing energy. Just relax and spend your time as you normally do. With that said, if possible, it is recommendable to take 5 to 10 minutes a day at any time to feel Life Energy deeply.


Remote Healing Options and Fees:
・Option 1 - 1 session       : US$   80.00 
・Option 2 - 3 sessions     : US$ 220.00
・Option 3 - 5 sessions     : US$ 360.00
*40min per session
Payment method – credit card only (Visa/Master Card/American Express)


Please select your preferred option in the reservation form below. If you choose 3 times or 5 times, sessions can be 3 or 5 days in a row, once a week x 3 or 5, or other intervals. Please request or consult with the healer when you make reservation. Session date will be scheduled and notified to you shortly. 

Cancellation Policy
For remote healing: Healing sessions can be cancelled at any time without any cancellation fee. However, cancelled sessions are fully non-refundable. 

About the Healer


Name : Rurie (Ellie) Nonaka 
Office : Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
8 year experience spiritual healer 
Born in Tokyo. Independent designer after working for a Japanese car OEM specializing in typography.
Realized I was not the physical body when I was 8 and started self-exploration. 
Studied the ancient Shinto and the spiritual world from Seiji Aiso (1910-1999)
Instructed by one of the Japanese gurus, Toshihiko Chibana* (1940-2009) about Truth and meditation for about 24 years.
Certified as a spiritual healer by Keith Behan, a former teacher at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, SAGB.
Hobbies - gardening, sewing, mediation, yoga, etc. 


*Toshihiko Chibana
Born with psychic gifts. Moved to Bolivia when he was 15 and spent 10 years in the jungle alone. Afterwards, learned from the sages in Egypt and in Himalaya in India about meditation and attained enlightenment. Returned to Japan to teach Truth. 


Passion on Spiritual Healing
“Why do sages bother healing people? Isn’t healing just a temporal instant solution to cure diseases?” I had such questions before starting healing service. However, I came to think that helping people reach the true spirituality through the spiritual healing is a powerful energy that prompts liberation from reincarnation, and there are no other such powerful energies that exist. Also, I became confident that through the healing energy, it is possible to lead people to realizing their own natures and influence them to understand who they really are. And curing just happens as a consequence of all that, rather setting it as an objective. 


It would be my great pleasure to support you to advance spiritually together, and I pray that your entire life will be a fruitful and bright one.