How Spiritual Healing Works

Life Energy heals you physically/mentally/spiritually, gives you strength, and prompts your transformation. You might have heard, “Spiritual healing is to be given by spirit doctors in the spiritual world.” It is certain that most suitable healing energy is transmitted to recipients through great supports from the spiritual world. I will try to explain briefly how it all happens on the condition that it can’t be described well by words.

It has been said that the human body constitutes one mechanism with four elements: the physical body, the ether body, the astral body, and the mental body, and 90% of physical/mental problems is caused from the ether body and the astral body. The ether body is so called the vital body and is a medium that transfers energy to the physical body. The astral body is so called the emotional body or ghost body. The mental body is called the spiritual body and functions as a medium through which soul energy is transmitted. The physical body is a passive device so that it does not have power to be functioned by itself. The five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are the elements that are used as a tool by the soul to understand and perceive the phenomenal world.

Essentially, however, all the different bodies are just different expressions of one nature like water which changes its form between liquid, solid, and gas. Only difference is level of energy. There is no doubt that vitalizing your life by increasing your energy level will positively influence quality of your life and enhance your self-healing power in your entire life. And Life Energy is inseparable. There isn’t my energy or your energy. There is only one energy in essence. We seem to be all separated, but every individual is connected to the whole universe. Energy of each one of us is connected to the whole cosmos, so that the higher your energy level gets, the higher the energy level of the whole universe becomes. 

Our body cells never forget level of energy vibration they experience. Life Energy will surely deliver right messages that you need and provide you with powerful support.

Role of Healer

Healer’s state of mind is very important. Healer’s job is to get in touch with soul of both clients and himself/herself and become magnetic force to transmit spiritous energy. Therefore, healer must be completely depersonalized and silent without having any intentions and thoughts. The spiritous energy healers deal with is energy of Love, which is not something emotional among people, but expression of the absolute harmony. In other words, it can also be called God, Life Energy, Oversoul, Light, Mercy and so forth. 

Spiritual beings in the high energy world work together with completely harmonious Love and sole Life Energy, and serve as divine spirits. Healer must be synchronized with them to serve as a conduit, therefore it is required to stay calm and have ability to return to the center of the Light immediately and work as a soul. Healer must focus not on client’s body/physical status but on his/her nature-self, which is Love.

It could happen that your body and emotion transform and the momentum of your life starts to accelerate. And sometimes your disease might get cured by receiving healing energy that increases your energy level. However, such processes could only be one of the results from execution of the Life Energy’s (or God’s) plan that shakes up your soul and release your attention from limited area to unlimited space. Our souls have learned through various experiences, grown, and enhanced our own "existence and self." The origin of the word, healing is derived from holos (Greek), meaning of becoming a whole.

Through the spiritual healing, what if you may;
- go beyond your existence as an individual? 
- expand your energy unlimitedly?
- realize your own self deeply?
- open up your all possibilities?

As a healer, it is a great pleasure to assist you in such creative activities in collaboration with the higher spiritual beings.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Who takes the spiritual healing session?
A. Based on my experience, typically (but not limited to) those who are;
  • having physical/mental problems
  • under stress
  • struggling emotionally
  • wanting to maintain their energy balance
  • athlete
  • pregnant
  • responsible for big projects in business
  • interested in spiritual healing
  • Etc.
Q. How many sessions should I take?
A. It depends on your needs. If you are healthy and want to take the spiritual healing to maintain your energy balance, 3 ~ 4 times a year at certain intervals. If you are concerned about your health and desire to balance your energy, it is recommendable to take 3~4 times intensively. If you are having serious symptoms, it is highly recommended to take little by little. Please consult with the healer for most suitable ways to your needs.
Q. What is the difference between remote healing and face-to-face healing?
A. Basically the same since time and space do not exist in Life Energy so that distance does not matter. Only difference is how the healer accesses your soul. It is not even needed to communicate via phone/video/etc.. Also, healing works even when you are sleeping since the ether body, or other bodies work as a receiver so that the healing energy can be accessed by you whether you are aware of it or not. For remote healing, please rest assured that you will be accessed by the healer even if we have not met before regardless of your location. *Currently face-to-face healing session is not provided in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.
Q. Will my disease be cured?
A. If you are having serious diseases, this must be your biggest concern. The spiritual healing is not a medical practice, so that it is not guaranteed that your diseases get cured. Also, from the spiritual point of view, successful healing does not always mean full recovery from illness. Depending on your karma, necessity of staying in your physical body to execute mission/duty from God, or whether being ill is a necessary process of purification of your soul, you go through necessary stages for your spiritual growth. One thing I can say, however, is that most clients showed better facial expressions after taking the sessions. 
Q. I am getting to feel better through the healing sessions. Can I stop taking prescribed medicines or medical treatments I am having?
A. Some people who are taking drugs with strong side effects or medical treatments that largely impact their bodies tend to take healing energy as substitution of such drugs or treatments. It is highly recommended that you continue to take these drugs/treatments and take healing energy in parallel. Before you make your own judgement, please consult with your doctor(s).
Q. Is the healer seeing anything which is invisible to me (spiritual beings, healing power, etc.) during the session?
A. It depends on healers. For me, I usually don’t see because my mind is completely off during the session. Even if I see, I don’t describe to my clients about what I see since even with the same words, different people perceive differently and some people might take it negatively. In order to avoid losing the healing effect, I do not do leading.